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SAAC Spotlight - Temple's Wyatt Benson



Name: Wyatt Benson
Institution: Temple University
Sport: Football
Major: Criminal Justice


1) What was the biggest factor when deciding to attend Temple University?

I was born and raised in Philly.  I wanted my family/friends to be able to watch me play.


2) What do you like the most about being a college student-athlete?

I love game day! And the feeling I get when the crowd is at it's loudest


3) Why have you chosen to represent your school as a BIG EAST SAAC Rep?

It's an honor to represent my school in any fashion


4) Who is your favorite professional athlete?

Muhammad Ali


5) Who is your favorite professional sports team?

Philadelphia Eagles


6) What are you favorite non-sport activities/hobbies?

Watching movies


7) What is your dream job?

Defense Attorney


8) To this point, what has been your most memorable moment in your college athletic career?

Winning my first ever college bowl game in the Gildan New Mexico Bowl


9) If you could play any other sport, what would you play?

Track & Field