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SAAC Spotlight - Cincinnati's Amanda Hardewig

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Name: Amanda Hardewig
Institution: University of Cincinnati
Sport: Women's Swimming
Major: Middle Childhood Education and my content areas are Mathematics and Natural Science.

1) What was the biggest factor when deciding to attend the University of Cincinnati?
There were so many reasons why Cincinnati was right for me. I liked how close it was to home, the campus was beautiful and the perfect size, they had my major and were nationally ranked, but most importantly I loved the team and coaching staff.


2) What do you like the most about being a college student-athlete?
I love being a student-athlete because I get to say I'm a student-athlete. I've learned that it actually is a desired title and it's something to be proud of. Not only do we go to school like all the other students, we practice and compete for 20 hours a week in a sport we love. We're very fortunate and I am very privileged to say I am a student-athlete.


3) Who is your favorite professional sports team?
The Cincinnati Reds!!

4) If you could have dinner with anyone alive or deceased, who would it be?
I would choose to have dinner with my mom and her mom. I never got the chance to know my mom's mom but I'd love to meet her and get to know what an amazing and strong person she was. Plus I'd want to witness the interactions between my mom and her mom because I feel that they were almost identical to what my mom and I live on a daily basis.


5) What are you favorite non-sport activities/hobbies?
Cooking and baking! I have the cutest little baby cupcake maker and it creates the tastiest little bite size cupcakes!


6) What advice would you give a new freshman coming into college?
I say this all the time to our freshman class, stay on top of your schoolwork! I can't emphasize it enough. If you can keep a handle on the schoolwork it makes it a lot easier to get involved in other fun things such as SAAC.


7) What is your dream job?
My dream job would be to go back to my old grade school and be a seventh or eighth grade math teacher.

8) To this point, what has been your most memorable moment in your college athletic career?
My most memorable moment was seeing my name slide into 16th place at the Big East Conference meet my freshman year. I was so proud of myself for making it back and I felt like I truly earned my spot on the team.

9) If you were an ice cream flavor, what would you be?
Mint Chocolate Chip because I am what I eat!