PROVIDENCE, R.I. - Considering the high profile nature of BIG EAST Men's and Women's Basketball, it might come as a surprise to many that the BIG EAST focuses the majority of its internal live production efforts each year on a conference championship event that is not basketball.

Because the entire men's basketball tournament is televised and 11 of the 15 women's basketball tournament games are televised, BIG EAST staff who work to produce and distribute content for, the online home for the BIG EAST Digital Network, focus the majority of their efforts on creating content to distribute outside of the live broadcast window.

But with up to 14 early round conference tournament games, an opening ceremony and a home run derby event that are produced live exclusively for the BIG EAST Digital Network, it's the BIG EAST Baseball Championship that garners the most live production focus for conference staff.

With just under a week remaining until the 2012 version of the baseball championship begins at Bright House Field in Clearwater, Fla., here's a quick glance at the new features the BIG EAST will be rolling out as a part of its production.

More Camera Positions
For the first time, four camera positions will be rolled into the production: center field, behind home, lower third base side and upper first base side.

Instant Replay
The BIG EAST Baseball Championship is filled with Sportscenter-like highlights. Instant replay will help users relive those plays over and over, in slow-motion and from multiple angles.

A new and improved graphics package will be unveiled this year, which will include automatic updating of balls, strikes, outs, runs and inning as a part of the score bug graphic. In addition, starting line ups and defensive alignments will be featured at the start of each contest.

Garrett Walvoord, who has been the voice of the BIG EAST baseball championship in Clearwater since 2007, will be back again to call the action. In addition, he will be joined by 2-time Emmy award winning broadcaster Al Keck. The two working together figures to be a nice addition to the broadcast.

As is always the case, is the best place to get access to any and all content, live or on-demand, for the 2012 BIG EAST Baseball Championship. It's here that you'll find even more video, including post-game interviews with players and coaches, highlights from every game and much more. Fans can also get access to exclusive photo galleries, live stats, box scores and recaps from every game.