Getting to Know ... Georgetown's Nate Lubick

Georgetown senior forward Nate Lubick

Georgetown senior forward Nate Lubick

Feb. 14, 2014

By Sean Brennan
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In our latest installment of “Getting to Know…,” we catch up with 6-8 senior Nate Lubick of the surging Georgetown Hoyas. He spills the beans on his musical background, his old-time musical tastes, why he’s had to dodge the Georgetown Chimes for four years on campus and why he vows not to sing in the locker room. Well, unless…. Rumor has it you have a bit of a musical background. True or false?

LUBICK: Yeah I sing a little bit, play a little piano and stuff like that but that’s basically the extent of it. Is musical talent something that runs in your family?

LUBICK: Well my younger brother still sings a lot and he’s performed live a few times. He’s really, really good. He stuck with it. He plays multiple instruments and he’s really good. And my dad was a professional saxophone player. He gave it up for 25 years but recently went back to it. Now he practices like a maniac trying to get back to where he was. When you dabbled in it did you ever perform in public like your brother?

LUBICK: I did a few things in high school where I performed in front of school (assemblies) and chapel and things like that. Why did you give it up?

LUBICK: When I got to Georgetown I just kind of stopped singing. I had been singing a decent amount, doing covers (cover songs) and things like that. I constantly listened to different types and different styles of music. It wasn’t that I lost the passion for singing or anything but when I got to college there just wasn’t anybody who I shared a similar taste in music with. No one to sit down and listen to good music with so it just kind of fell off. What are the types of music you’re into?

LUBICK: I listen to a lot of old soul music, a lot of old jazz music. That’s what I like most but I like a lot of acoustic stuff, too. I like a lot of John Mayer, Stevie Wonder, Earth, Wind & Fire, Otis Redding and Sly and the Family Stone. So you’re pretty old school musically?

LUBICK: Yeah, pretty much. Is music something you might look to pursue again once your basketball career is over at Georgetown?

LUBICK: I’ll always sing. I’ll go with my brother and we’ll collaborate and mess around and we’ll do covers and stuff but it’s not something I’ll pursue professionally. But it’s always something I’ve loved. So you never had a burning desire to join the Georgetown Chimes?

LUBICK: Ah, no. (The Georgetown Chimes is the school’s all-male a capella group that was formed in 1946 and, from what we’ve heard, they don’t have Sly and the Family Stone in their repertoire). The a capellas tried to get me to join them. I don’t know how they heard about me but I’ve always refused. Is your father still dabbling with the sax?

LUBICK: Yeah. He’s the director of financial aid at the boarding school I went to up in Massachusetts (St. Mark’s) but he dabbles a lot. He plays constantly. He plays about eight hours a day. He wakes up at 4:30 in the morning to play every day. How much do his neighbors love him for that?

LUBICK: (Laughs) No, he plays in a music building at the school. Moving on to basketball, it seems like the Hoyas might have righted their ship lately. First, with that impressive win over then-No. 7 Michigan State at Madison Square Garden and then with conference wins over DePaul and Butler (and Providence Monday night). Are the Hoyas rounding into form now after that rough five-game losing streak?

LUBICK: I think we are. Obviously that was a big win against Michigan State, a really good team. But the following one (at DePaul) was the one that was more important because it helped get us back on track in the BIG EAST. Is Georgetown now primed to make a little run here?

LUBICK: Yeah it is. We really don’t have much time left and we’re going to do everything we can to put together a good streak here and win a bunch of BIG EAST games. What do you see yourself doing after school?

LUBICK: I’m in the undergraduate business school here at Georgetown so I’m going to go into some kind of finance thing in New York. That’s the ultimate goal. But I also am hoping I can continue playing basketball and maybe play overseas next year. No one can coax you to sing in public right now, but let’s say the Hoyas were to run the table at the Garden next month and win the BIG East tournament and snag an automatic bid to the NCAA Tournament. Might the soulful sounds of Nate Lubick be heard emanating from the victorious Georgetown locker room?

LUBICK: (Laughs) Maybe. That would be a good incentive…just as long as nobody is filming.