SAAC Spotlight - St. John's Jamal Branch

SAAC Spotlight Video

Name: Jamal Branch
Institution: St. John's University
Sport: Men's Basketball
Major: Sport Management

1) What was the biggest factor when deciding to attend St. John's University?
Being in NY, basketball and the Sport Management Program

2) Why have you chosen to represent your school as a BIG EAST SAAC Rep?
To not only help with the basketball side of things but also with other sports

3) What is your favorite volunteer (or community service) activity you have participated in?
Dribble for the Cure

4) Who is your favorite professional athlete?
Floyd Mayweather

5) What are your favorite non-sport activities/hobbies?
Shopping; video games; eating

6) What is your dream job?
Play professionally and coach

7) What advice would you give a new freshman coming into college?
Enjoy college; manage your time

8) To this point, what has been your most memorable moment in your college athletic career?
Being at Madison Square Garden

9) If you were an ice cream flavor, what would you be?
Cookies and Cream.