Postgame Quotes: #1 DePaul 78, #8 Georgetown 54

March 9, 2014

Doug Bruno, DePaul Head Coach
I thought our players were ready to play tonight and I think we also showed the rest of the league why this is not our home court. We go out and go 2-of-18 (on threes in the first half) because it’s not DePaul’s home court.

It’s the great city of Chicago, it’s the great Village of Rosemont. We didn’t win it quickly and simply. It had to be ground out by defending and pressuring, and then we made some nice decisions I thought.  I thought we did a good job in the second half of getting more focused offensively after we settled down. I thought our players were ready.

Megan Rogowski, DePaul Junior Guard
Everyone on the bench had to say keep shooting. Shooters shoot. I was just going to shoot the open shot and in the second half they started to fall more.

Megan Podkowa, DePaul Sophomore Forward
We were just finding the open gaps in the zones and our guards were hitting us, making sure we got the ball in the right spot, and I think we were just being aggressive going up strong so even if we missed we could draw a foul.


Jim Lewis, Georgetown Head Coach
First off, I really want to thank the BIG EAST Conference for a terrific tournament. We need to continue to build women’s basketball, and I couldn’t be prouder to be with a big-time conference and outstanding individuals.

We really fought; we weren’t as successful in not only the outcome, but in what we were trying to accomplish, which was to minimize their pressure. DePaul is a very good defensive team, and I think a lot of people look at their high scoring average, and there’s a means to which they get to those high numbers, and it’s all through their defense.

We had some plans and adjustments, based on the first two times we played. We were successful, but not for long-enough stretches. As far as Georgetown is concerned, the future is extremely bright.



Natalie Butler, Georgetown freshman center
What did DePaul do to get you off to a slow start?
I think it was just not getting into the flow. I should have played a lot better, in my opinion, in the beginning. My teammates stepped up and filled in the gaps; Logan Battle had a great game. For me, I just try to stay positive and support them as much as I could.

Were turnovers the difference?
I definitely feel like our turnovers were the number reason why we lost this game. It’s tough, because we knew about it going in, that you can’t turn the ball over. We had a lead at one point, and we were feeding off of that. Once we started turning the ball over, it’s unfortunate that it sort of went downhill and we put ourselves in a tough spot to comeback for the second half.