Postgame Quotes: #5 Marquette 56, #4 Villanova 53

March 10, 2014

Terri Mitchell, Marquette Head Coach
When you play Villanova you know you’re going to be in a battle. We lost two games to them and they’re just fantastic shooters. Tuesday they really took it to us at their place, and so for us it was just kind of just change the mentality and erasing that memory _ knowing that they played awesome. But that was then and this is now, and it was possession by possession. We got some shots and got to the free-throw line because we attacked.

(on playing DePaul in the semifinals)
We know them. The challenge is that we know they’re the favorite and they’ll have the crowd behind them. Hopefully a lot of people from Milwaukee will make that 70-mile trip and come down and support us. They’re just an incredible team. They’re the BIG EAST champs. But I want you guys to talk about us. We’re just really, really excited to play.

Senior Forward Katherine Plouffe
(on team having won its first tournament game five straight years)
We’re just fighters. Each time we come into the conference tournament, not with a chip on our shoulder but looking to get that first one because we’re hungry for it and we want to keep going. In this case we want to win the tournament so we get the automatic bid to the NCAA because it’s our ultimate goal. This win is huge for us.


Harry Perretta, Villanova Head Coach
With the exception of the last game at Villanova, every game has been like that; it’s incredible. We were fortunate enough to beat them twice during the regular season, which I thought was really a good effort on our part, but we couldn’t get it done today. Both teams played extremely hard.

I think the difference in the game was our inexperience. When you have a young team, mentally they think running faster and jumping higher makes you play better. They don’t understand you have to slow down a little bit. You have to read the defense, you have to know when to go backdoor, do this or that.



With about seven minutes to go, we played the players that had the most experience on our team. Then you saw our offense click. They were playing more with their head and less with their body, and then Caroline (Coyer) was able to break them down off the dribble and create shots for us.

Even though the shot was blocked, was that last play what you wanted?
We were trying to get Caroline to run ‘Special’ from the top. She had gotten a really good shot the possession before that, it just went in and out. I had them in the defense I wanted them in, in the man-to-man, so I just felt like we take our chance at that point. It’s either make it, go up one, or miss it, foul, and hope they miss.

Caroline Coyer, Sophomore Guard
What did you see in the defense to have such a good performance?
When we call ‘Special,’ we’re really just looking for openings in the defense. They’re bigger than most of our guards, so we knew getting to the basket was going to be tough, just like on that last play. They were leaving the pull-up open; I think in the first half I was a little hesitant to shoot it. I was a little wound up, everyone was. I wasn’t shooting as well, but once I hit one, you just have to take what they give you.