First Women's Basketball Teleconference Available Online

PROVIDENCE, R.I. - Fans and media can now access an archive of each weekly women's basketball coaches' media teleconference exclusively on the Web. Click on each coaches' name below to listen to each speak about the last week's contest and each team's upcoming game. 

Coaches' then respond to questions from media from around the country.

Teleconference Excerpts:
Muffet McGraw, Notre Dame
"The BIG EAST is such a difficult league that every night is going to be just a battle and certainly Saturday's game (against Connecticut) is one that we hope will be a very good battle for us. And that's what our game plan is coming in, is just to try to play our game, play the way we've been playing. We really haven't been able to do that against Connecticut lately."
Kim Barnes Arico, St. John's
"I think we talk about this all the time, but our league is incredibly, incredibly tough and I think that the teams in our league have shown that in their nonconference play." She added, "the rest of the teams in the league have shown that this is the best league in the country."  Later Barnes-Arico said, "I don't think you can really look past the next game in our league."
Doug Bruno, DePaul
"We love to score points, I mean it's true. There's no question about the truism of our sport that (offense) wins games and defense and rebounding wins championships. We really believe that but the whole objective of defense and rebounding is to score the ball so we've always wanted to be a team that scores the ball. We don't have to be the leading scoring team in the nation but one offensive goal that we've always had is to lead the nation in assists. I think that if you have a team that shares the ball and is a great assist team, you're usually going to score points."
Terri Mitchell, Marquette
"If you have leadership, unselfishness and you're willing to work hard you're going to give yourself a chance and I felt like in our nonconference (schedule) we gave ourselves a chance. We came out 12-1 and we're off to a 0-2 start in the BIG EAST against Connecticut and Notre Dame. We're going to go through the fire here with our first couple of games, but I think it's just going to make us mentally stronger as we face the rest of our schedule. " 

 Phil Seymore, Providence
 Jose Fernandez, USF
 Muffet McGraw, Notre Dame
 Quentin Hillsman, Syracuse
 Jeff Walz, Louisville
 Terri Mitchell, Marquette
 Mike Carey, West Virginia
 Agnus Berenato, Pittsburgh
 Geno Auriemma, Connecticut
 Harry Perretta, Villanova
 Terri Williams-Flournoy, Georgetown
 Doug Bruno, DePaul
 Anne Donovan, Seton Hall
 Jamelle Elliott, Cincinnati
 Kim Barnes Arico, St. John's
 C. Vivian Stringer, Rutgers