Getting To Know: Brittany Hrynko

Brittany Hrynko

Brittany Hrynko

Jan. 28, 2014

This week we sat down with BIG EAST Preseason Player of the Year Brittany Hrynko, a junior guard out of DePaul. The Philadelphia, Pa., native ranks second in the BIG EAST in assists and third in steals this season. She’s been a BIG EAST All-Academic selection the past two seasons and has helped guide the Blue Demons to consecutive NCAA Tournament appearances. 

Do you feel any added pressure after being voted BIG EAST Preseason Player of the Year?
I didn’t think about it; coach always brings it up to make me better, but I try not to think about it. I still have to keep working. I think other teams put a target on my back. They see “Player of the Year” and want to stop me, but I just keep working.

What were some of your personal goals entering the season?
Get voted BIG EAST Player of the Year; another was to be Defensive Player of the Year. We have team awards and I got the defensive award the last two years. Coach told me to just keep playing defense like I do and maybe I could get it for the BIG EAST. Another goal was to win the BIG EAST Championship, which is a goal for me and a goal for my team.

Speaking of that, what are the team’s goals this year?
Win the BIG EAST Championship, get to the NCAA Tournament and take it one game at a time. Win more road games. Little things like that.

What has been the season highlight so far?
Going to Las Vegas and winning the Duel in the Desert Tournament.

With three new teams in the league this year, are the preparations any different?
We don’t prepare any different, we still prepare like we would for any other team. We haven’t played them, it’s like playing a game in the NCAA Tournament, it’s all about learning about new players. It’s a good experience for all of us.

How has Coach Bruno changed you as a player?
He’s like a dad to me. I look up to him. He gets on me every day, just trying to make me a better player so I can get to the next level. He wants me to get better for my teammates so they can get better and just help the freshmen become great players.”



Why did you choose DePaul?
Chicago is a lot like Philadelphia so I didn’t feel like I was away from home when I came here. It was a good environment, everyone loves you like family. The academics; it was hands-on learning and I thought I would do well here.

Any particular players in the BIG EAST you loving going head-to-head against?
Playing St. John’s in general is always fun – their guards are quick and athletic.

Any pregame rituals?
After coach comes in and talks to us, I eat candy. Anything sweet: skittles, starbursts, fruit roll ups.

Your hair is pretty famous – how do you get it to be like that and how do you decide to do it?
I wash it and blow dry it and it’s there. After we shoot around, I go back to my room and take a nap and when I get up and I think about what I’m going to do. I’ll ask my teammates how I should wear it. They mix it up. Sometimes I wear a bun, sometimes it’s big. People joke about it being part of the game because people can see me from everywhere when it’s big (laughing).

Would you rather score 40 points or have 20 assists?
Twenty assists. Twenty assists and 10 steals.

How would your teammates describe you?
Silly. Some days I’m not, but most of the time I’m silly.

Favorite thing to do when you’re not playing basketball?
Buy sneakers.

Favorite meal?
Pizza and macaroni.