Postgame Quotes: #8 Georgetown 56, #9 Xavier 37

March 8, 2014

Jim Lewis, Georgetown
I thought tonight we played a really scrappy team in Xavier. I want to give them credit for pushing us. We got out to a nice little lead early on, but the game is a game of runs, and they came back on us like good teams do. I think Xavier did a really good job of doubling our posts, taking away some touches and shot opportunities.

This is my 45th year in coaching, and I feel like a rookie, because I’ve continued to grow and learn from outstanding young women at Georgetown. This year has been a learning experience, because it’s a new group, a new dynamic, and certainly at Georgetown we had some changes. I’ve had to listen and learn from our players and find out where they like to get their shots from.

Faith Woodard, Georgetown
We know that this is crunch time, and that this is what we came here to do, and we just executed. At halftime, our coaches were telling us ‘defense, defense, defense,’ and that’s what they’ve been preaching all season. We just buckled down, and we knew it was either you win or you go home. We didn’t come here to lose, so defense is what we did.

DePaul and Doug Bruno are interchangeable. We have so much respect for them, and to be able to go into this third encounter with DePaul is a real challenge. It’s about how we play, not who we play.


Brian Neal, Xavier
We couldn’t score; couldn’t make a basket. From October on, it’s been tough. Tonight we had players playing out of position, walk-on players in roles they weren’t in during the season. I feel like we overachieved this season, we were much more competitive, especially early in the season.

Some people thought that once we lost three starters it was going to become an embarrassing situation. Those young ladies hung in there, and actually became a better team. They executed better and it was actually a lot of fun.



We know what all the teams are like now, we know how athletic they are and where we need to be in our preparation. We’ll go back and evaluate everything as a staff and with our players, and we’ll certainly be better the next time we play in the BIG EAST.