On the Road with Marquette Women's Soccer

The squad relaxing after dinner

The squad relaxing after dinner

Sept. 25, 2013

OMAHA, Neb.Follow the Marquette women's soccer team on a five-day road trip as they open BIG EAST Conference play at Creighton and Villanova.

Wednesday, Sept. 25

Today was an action packed-day as we headed to Omaha to prepare for our opening BIG EAST Conference game against Creighton. We left Milwaukee this morning around 7:30 and drove to Midway airport in Chicago for our departure. We checked in our luggage, grabbed some Potbelly's for lunch, and boarded the plane. During the flight some girls did homework, listened to music, or took a nap (that's me). Before we knew it we had landed in Omaha!

Once we landed we had to retrieve all of our luggage. For some reason, my duffel bag as well as Vanessa's did not make it aboard our flight so we were left without our cleats, shin guards, and other gear. Needless to say we will never be checking our bags again...

After that minor bump in the road we headed over to Creighton's field for a light practice. Their stadium is beautiful and we are all very excited to play on their turf under the lights tomorrow night. Luckily, Vanessa fit into Ashley Bares' cleats and (embarrassingly enough) I squeezed into Frank's so we wouldn't have to wear our running shoes during practice.

When practice was over we headed over to a smoothie place for a post-practice snack. The poor guy working there was all by himself but did a great job cranking out about 30 smoothies! Luckily the missing bags were delivered to hotel, and we were able to get them once we arrived. Some girls took ice baths, which is a day before a game ritual. We then headed to a dinner with Liz Bartels' family and friends for a lovely pasta dinner with lots of other yummy food. We enjoyed hanging out in their beautiful backyard!

After a great evening of food and fun we were back at the hotel hanging out and catching up on homework. It can be tough missing three days of class but our team is rather studious so we get the job done. Now it's time to rest up and get ready for our big game tomorrow!



-Ann Marie Lynch (Sophomore Midfielder)